Bjarne Magnussen

Bitcoin enthusiast

Being very interested in Bitcoin, algorithms and programming languages, Bjarne Magnussen is currently working as a freelancer. He obtained his Master’s degree in Applied mathematics at the University of Southern Denmark in 2016. In love with the philosophy of open-source, he is among other actively developing on and maintaining the Python Bitcoin library Bit.

To read his Master thesis with the title A Formal Programming Language For Bitcoin Transactions click here.

Oh, and in case you wondered what a dancing Lemur is doing as a profile picture? Well… we all have an inner animal to discover.


  • Bitcoin 😍
  • Algorithms
  • Math
  • Guitar playing
  • Boardgames


  • MSc in Applied Mathematics, 2016

    Odense, University of Southern Denmark

  • BSc in Applied Mathematics, 2011

    Odense, University of Southern Denmark